Spring Break Fake

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Side 2
Side 1 says... My girlfriend didn't go to the place she said she did and went to another beach instead. we decided to do a girls and guys serparate places and 8 of my friends went to San Padre. My girlfriend and her friends went to miami. It was a lie. She went to fort lauderdale and why does that matter? her ex boyfriend was going there too. She won't tell me if they stayed in the same place or the same room or if she even saw him but I know she did. She's acting funny. The question is why lie to me? I would have been fine with it if she would have told me up front. I dont' even care about her ex but the lying makes me mad.
Added by crappyfappy (male)
Side 2 says... Well isn't this stupid? What's the big deal? I said I was going to Miami but Fort Lauderdale is literally less than 15 minutes away. It's not like even if I was staying in Miami I couldn't go see my ex IF I WANTED TO. Plus I consider the whole area the same place pretty much. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale but probably went to South Beach (MIAMI) at least half the time so it's not like I'm lying.

He knew where my ex was going because we all go to the same school. I don't think I lied anywhere in this whole thing. The reason I won't tell him officially if I even ran into my ex is because he is accusing me of it before I even answer so he doesn't deserve the answer until he apologizes.

He needs a map and a clue on this.
Added by starling95 (female)
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