Dating My Son's Old High School Classmate

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Side 1 says... My son is upset that I've begun dating a guy he went to school with years ago.

To begin, I got pregnant at 17 and had Jason with his dad who was my high school sweetheart. We were married for 18 years (which I don't think is too bad for a high school couple) and I've been single for the last 4.

My son has been off to college out of state and while away I've been stuck here in our hometown. One night I went out with some friends and met a younger guy. We never talked about family or anything like that. We were just having a little fun. Then he told me he knew my son and they went to school together. We kept it a secret we were seeing each other for about 6 months.

It was getting serious so I decided it was time we went public with the news to Jason. So he came home for part of spring break and I said I had a special guest who I was inviting for dinner.

When Jason answered the door he immediately flipped out and left. Now he's not taking my calls and in emails said I'm a terrible person and that he hated Matt (the guy I'm seeing) in high school.

I'm asking him to understand Matt and I are getting serious and people grow up and change. I don't think it should matter that he's younger and went to school with him. I know they weren't friends in high school so that part really shouldn't matter. Tell him it shouldn't matter. Please. I don't want to fight with my son.
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Side 2 says... My mom is really pissing me off with this. This guy was a bully to me in middle school and a vo-techer when we got to high school so he went to plumbing classes when I was in math. He was a dick to me then and I know that guy will never change. I'm sure he's sleeping around on my naive mother because that's who he is. And he's probably telling all his friends from high school who also were idiots how he is banging my mother.

He's a bad person. I don't want him with my mom and it disgusts me to even think of them together. She wants me to be happy for her but I know that one day if I got comfortable with it he'd look at me and smile and I'd flip out on him.

I don't believe him when he said he didn't knew my mom when they met. Most kids in school at least knew of my mom because she was good looking and young.

He's a loser. He works a crap job as a plumber's assistant and is a volunteer fireman (which is what people in my hometown do when they go nowhere in life - they drink at the fire hall every night which is why my mom met him in the first place).

This kind of stuff is exactly why I went to college in another state. To get out of having to be part of life stories like this. Now she's making me live one and I bet he's loving every second of it.
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