He Kept Lottery Winnings From Me!

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Side 1 says... Apparently while doing takes with our tax lady, I find out my husband won a scratch off for $20,000. He failed to tell me we won anything. I only saw it on the form since we both go to meet her. He says he kept it from me because he said would get shitty if I didn't get my way with it or have any of it to play with. He spent it on paying off credit cards and for a vacation we took in December.

Basically he dictated where it was spent without my input. If the tables were turned he would have had a fit. But because he thought he was being so righteous with it he's justified in his decision not to tell me which infuriates me. How does he know I wouldn't have wanted to do exactly what he did with the money? It's the lack of telling me that I'm more mad about.
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Side 2 says... You don't know my wife and her problem with money. When she has it it's gone faster than Myspace fell from this planet.

I avoided the "why can't I just spend a little bit of it and get some new clothes?"

I won the money and didn't even spend it on myself. The debt I paid off was created by her. Why not pay it off before spending more? There's no need for her to be mad just because I didn't tell her unless I spent it on hookers and beer. I did neither.

Now that she's badgering me about winning and not telling her I really wish I bought the beer.

She has no reason to be angry.
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