When I Squeeze It It Dimples Like Waffles

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Side 1 says... This is what my boyfriend said to me a couple of days ago. He was giving me a massage and while he was rubbing up the back of my thigh he stopped and did the same thing again. and again. Then he told me why he did it. he said it was crazy that when he squeezed them my skin would dimple. I told him it was celulite and all girls have it. He said it can't be because your only 25! What's with boys saying the wrong things? He doesn't understand it hurts my feelings and he thinks it's funny. He's now mad at me because i won't touch him since for the past two days any reference to waffle he can make he says and laughs. I'm thinking I'm the one who should be mad - not him.
Added by BlueWall (female)
Side 2 says... I think it was an appropriately accurate description. She just can't let it roll off and laugh about it and that's why it's fun for me to keep doing it. She needs to find the humor in things and stop being so uptight. I have a hairy back and I can't help it but it doesn't stop her from making comments about it. I'm not offended. It's never a 2 way street with you women. Guys will always be the wrong one in your eyes because you will attack somethign like what I said in packs making you all believe it to be the worst thing said since I had to call Obama president.

I just don't think she should be mad. I'm just joking around. Never serious and she knows I love her. She needs to calm down. And you need to decide whether it's eggo or belgian style I'm talkin' about!
Added by donkeyman (male)
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