Too Little Too Late

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Side 1 says... I have a problem with our son. He's just turned 17 and will be a senior next year. He used to be a good kid but over the past year he's become horribly disobedient. He doesn't listen to either my wife or I and he feels entitled to whatever he wants. We've caught him stealing from us (last time last week was $100 on my wife's Visa). He also pushed my wife to the ground and called her a bitch when she wouldn't let him go out one night.

I came from a family who believes in whipping. I will open hand his ass until it's purple but my wife won't let me. This is our problem. We have different types of discipline. So since I can't punish him my way, I want to cut him off. He has no more strikes with me. If he does anything else he's gone and he's not getting any college money. He can go live with a friend or anyone who will take him in but not here. She thinks I'm being to hard.
Added by Rebelman (male)
Side 2 says... I worry about my boy! He's had a rough break up with his girlfriend this year and it's really affected his moods. I know him better than my husband and I know he loves us both. He is just acting out and I don't want to alienate him forever because of what is prolly a phase! I fear if my husband kicks him out our relationship with him will be shattered completely and he'll never come back to see us. I'm so worried about this. My husband never really wanted kids but I know he loves our son and I know he wants the best for him. Tough love isn't it! Please give him an alternative. I want to take him to therapy. I want to back away and just let him calm down. I think if we stop pushing him he will settle on his own. It's not too late for him :(
Added by mom2012 (female)
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