Atheism Banana Vs God

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Side 1 says... Over the years I've been transformed into someone who has expanded his mind and finally realized I've been indoctrinated to believe in the non-existent. The problem is my wife is a holy roller. She believes it all. I believe in science since it's proven. I ask her to prove religion and she gets mad at me.

I tried to simplify it to her that it's easier for her to believe in religion because the majority of people do - this is where the problem lies. She's joined the bandwagon. Doesn't matter how shitty Justin Beiber's music is or how fat and utterly untalented Kim Kardashian is, they have their fan base because the age they appeal to (both chronologically and intellectually) are easily persuaded into believing things. They believe these people have talent because that's what their friends believe. Same with religion. The fear of being an outcast and taking on personal responsibility for your actions rather than putting faith in God to do it for you is more appealing for most. And lazy. And if something goes wrong? It's God's plan.

So I told my wife there is a very big problem with not thinking through things and just taking them at face value. She thinks I'm stupid for this association but here it is: most people peel a banana with from the top hard stem, breaking it back and splitting the peel into 3 or 4 pieces. Because you're taught at an early age to peel a banana this way, it has become the norm. BUT IT'S WRONG. And if you do, monkees have one up'd you. If you flip the banana, pinch the bottom, and pull the two halves of the peel, it will be the easiest banana peeling you've ever done. So the majority of people are wrong.

The same is true with religion. Just because the majority of people believe in it doesn't make it right. There's not even a concensus of belief (720+ religions broken into 3200+ sects). How can they all be right? Science is proven and it's a worldwide proof.

So here we are. If Kings are considered sociopaths, then you have the King of Kings who created a way to privately tax the citizens of its religion. Must be nice how rich the Vatican is. Send your money in too Joel Osteen. Do it people! Or you'll go to hell!

She thinks I'm a huge dumbass for the banana comparison. I think it's the simplest explanation about how nurture trumps nature in a bad way.
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Side 2 says... Belief is not about what a majority thinks. It's about what you think inside your heart and soul. To make such a mundane comparison of something is terrible. Religion and faith are not meant to be entirely understood. I have faith that my car will get me to work. I have faith in people doing for the greater good. I believe in concepts and not just heavenly concepts. I often hear how if good things happen we praise God but if bad things happen it's God's will. And I believe it. He has a plan and that plan doesn't include everyone getting everything they want all the time.

I pray for him to understand that religion doesn't have to be proven and that's where faith comes in. Sure I've been brought up the same way as my parents as they were by their parents. Why is it so bad? Why is believing in something enough to do right by it wrong? I've thought it through and I'm still a believer. How can 95% of all people on Earth who believe in some form of higher power be wrong? Just because you can't prove it? Maybe it will be proven one day. Then what's your argument?
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