He Sold My Grammum's Chair!

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Side 1 says... My grammum died about 8 years ago but we've kept this antique and family heirloom she willed to us. It's an extremely pretty and well kept chair appraised at around $3000. We needed money to pay some unexpected bills recently and without telling me he went and sold this chair! Instead of selling his car and getting a cheaper one. Or trading it in. He went and killed soem of my family history for a fraction of what it's worth to me. He doesn't need to be driving a luxury car anyway since we don't have money.
Added by clairebear (female)
Side 2 says... She's right we are dead broke. I lost my job and I had a great salary and we could afford all this great stuff. I would have traded in my car but I wasn't getting any money for it. I would have been under water on it. Just like the house. It pained me to get rid of the chair but it was necessary. It buys us a few months breathing room. With that monkey off my back, I can concentrate on finding a job instead of worrying all day. Your grandmother would have wanted it that way and I didn't tell her because she wouldn't have let me even though it really was our last option. I hope one day down the road she understands it was for family and not because I wanted to keep my car.
Added by peabody23 (male)
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