JCPenney Throwing Gay In Everyone's Faces

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Side 1 says... JCPennGay is my new target. To actually use the ridiculousness of homosexuality to push your wares. Sickening. This is not something that has to become mainstream everywhere. Gay people who want to do their thing behind closed doors I can't do anything about. But don't tell me to change the channel. I'll get the damn circular in my mailbox for JCPenney's sale. This kind of thing is so unholy it's scary and there's not enough people who will venture out and stand up against it. Or is this nation just so lazy?

But it's come into my home. My wife is a liberal woman. She proclaimed how cute the ad is when she saw it on Yahoo. I threw up in my mouth. There is nothing cute about it. She's going to teach our boys it's OK while I'm at work. I can't handle this kind of thinking when this type of propaganda comes into my home. It's disgusting.

I know people don't agree with this outing and acceptance of this gay takeover of values. I know it's hard for people to stand up for your true beliefs because you will have people on both sides hating on you. But there is no reason to sit in your room and get all red in the face and never say or do anything about it. Flood JCPenney with disgust letters. Show your support against this type of behavior do not visit this store. Even if it's just with your family. My wife and I fight about this because it's her only argument to say "I just see 2 people in love." Yeah - they sit there with 2 kids who are not theirs. They may love each other but that love is so dirty with sin it's despicable. Political correctness is a grossly misinterpreted belief which is no different than lying. These people creating these ads are lying to themselves, the public, and even the gay people they support in their ads. They just want to hawk their garbage products.

Show support against this.
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Side 2 says... First, I want to apologize for my husband. He's usually a nice person, gentile with his kids, and goes to church often. I guess that's his problem. He only agrees with the people at church and not allowing himself to make up his own mind. He's right that people are being indoctrinated about gays, but he's on the wrong side of the fence with these people who are spreading hate for no good reason. Does it help anyone to have this hatred of homophobia? Are these people wronging you in some way? This people live just as we do. He actually was looking over my shoulder when I was browsing Yahoo a few weeks ago and told me a photo of a woman was gorgeous. Then I read him the caption about how it was a transgender model in a pageant and he lost it.

"I just see two people in love" is not my only argument. I believe in the law and a separation of religion from business. JCPenney can advertise in any way they wish as long as it's tasteful. These two dads are just sitting around playing with their kids. Where is the harm? If you look past it, all you see is a FAMILY. Some religions don't accept it. That's perfectly acceptable. But it's also fine to plenty of others. I, being an atheist, think it's ok. But he loves me though I'm unholier than the gay couple because I don't even believe in his Christian God. Not that he brings that up but he is aware and he continues to love me - because his feelings of love are apparently stronger than his feelings for his religion or otherwise he would end it. I see it as no different for the gay couple in the ad (or in general). I guess all ads should just have thought bubbles over the models - then you can choose to support your companies by the beliefs of the models they choose if one happens to have "Atheist" or "Extramarital Affair Once" over their heads.
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