Sister Went Out With My Crush Secretly!

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Side 1 says... My big sister thought it was ok to go out with a guy I been crushing on for like 3 years! She knew I was totally into him and knew i would be devastated if anyone got him that i know. Why does she think this is ok? there are billions of other guys? why does she have to take him? plus I heard he only went out with her cos she's older and he wanted to brag to his freidns. And its not like it would work out anyway. My sis is going to college in the fall so all she's going to be him is a summer fling.

I don't want her to think it is ok to hurt me like this. It's not fair. Honestly i don't even thinks she likes him. I think she did it to personally hurt me.
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Side 2 says... My sister is jealous of the attention I am getting - finally! No, really I don't want her to be jealous. I want her to be happy for me. All through high school until me senior year I was the ugly duckling. Braces and I had a weight problem and I had acne. Dermatologist, went on a diet and the braces came off and now people are starting to notice me and this does not sit well with my 10th grade sister because she is captain of JV cheerleaders and used to getting what she wants.

Yeah the guy is in 10th grade and going to be a junior and I am going away to school but he is also popular and cute. I don't think she has any claim to him. She's had a crush on him for 2 years so she either wasn't evident enough or he wasn't into her. Doesn't matter because he wanted me and he asked me out! I admit I knew her crush but still.

My days in high school weren't fun. Now I'm having it. I'm not breaking any stupid sister code like she wants to put it. Her feelings are only hurt because the attenation is on me and it is such a turn of events for her she cant cope with it.

Regardless little sis - would you still want him know that you know I've been with him or does it just make you happy when I'm not?
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