Swearing On TV Now OK - WTF?

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Side 1 says... The Supreme Court has now axed the FCC's TV Obscenity rules and now TV broadcasters are allowed to swear and have nudity. I don't want my kids to be exposed to this so young. I can't keep them from watching everything now. We have parental controls but now it will just be that much easier.

It's just a money grab and the reason is TV is losing its viewers to the internet and now they will do anything to get them back. Watch programming go from bad to extremely bad. Sad as it is, TV was actually a safe harbor compared to the internet.

They are already faced with an insurmountable amount of stupidity on TV and this is just going to add to creating more idiots in the next generation. America - another step in the wrong direction.

Of course I fight with my wife on this. She says it can't be stopped and kids get it from everywhere anyway so it's better they just learn it now and become used to it than go nuts and rebel once they leave home. And it's her apathy which is annoying. Too many think like her and don't care and let things happen. And this s why we have what we have. I can't even find a good TV show anymore.
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Side 2 says... We are just catching up with everyone else. They've been liberal abotu what they show on tv in Europe forever. Rauchy comedy is hilarious and nudity shouldn't be something to be condemed. We are all born naked and I don't see anything wrong with tabooing it. But he pretty much answered his own beef with it. The internet is taking tv viewers away so they are trying to save their industry. Woudln't you? I think it would just cause them to have to create better programming that can be adult programming to want to watch. As adults many of us swear without second thought because I think we're old enough to make our own choices. We all have sex. Kids learn it everywhere whether you want them to or not. You can't shelter them too much or they will rebel worse than they would if you just let them be.

I accept the transition and think we are just moving one step closer to less restriction.
Added by 7stepheartache (female)
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