Ann Curry Or This Savannah Guthrie Bimbo?

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Side 1 says... I'm sorry but I'm a little upset. Meredith was great but I have always adored Ann Curry. They give her a shot and don't even give her enough time to settle in before giving up her spot to someone like Samantha?

Ann Curry is one of if not the classiest lady on television. Period. If anything, she brought class to a place that had little. I love Matt and I thought they did a great job together.

NBC thinks she is the reason the show is losing ratings and why GMA is starting to beat them. My friend agrees and says Samantha will be much better and bring some colorful fun to the show. I disagree.

NBC, you made a HUGE mistake and most likely lost another viewer. Sinking ship.
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Side 2 says... She won't give Samantha a shot at all. She's being stubborn. Sure she's new but there's so much churn in Hollywood nobody's safe. You have to deal with it and move on.

It's not that I don't like Ann Curry or don't think she's classy, but she just wasn't for me. I liked her better as a correspondent. Today will only get better with Samantha because she'll bring in a younger demographic.

Nobody thought anyone was gonna be able to replace Kathie Lee when she left Regis. Most new viewers don't even remember before Kelly and it went so well that she's still going even without Regis.

Change can be good. I will at least give her a chance before dismissing her as a "bimbo":just because I'm mad at NBC.
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