Sexual Displeasure

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Side 1 says... My friend Jeff and I have recently turned things up a notch and decided to (drunkingly the first time but continued to do so after) sleep together. We've gotten closer and I really think I am falling for him. Now he is saying he wants to take a step back. Not because I am not his favorite person (I am). Not because he doesn't find me attractive (he does). Not because he has something better on his plate (he doesn't or I would know it).

He wants to pull back and not go further because he thinks it will hurt our friendship . Although all the other things fit, the biggest reason he is turning me down now is because I am not "the best he ever had."

Now mind you, he gets off each and every time we have sex. However, because there is some point of eroticism I can't get to for him, he is willing to throw this all away and not even give it a shot. I don't think he realizes by telling me this he almost assuredly did that himself.

But honestly, I don't feel that is something to end everything over. He's not the best looking I ever had but I'm not superficial. I think it's the connection that's important and we have that. I think he's running when he should be giving us a chance.
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Side 2 says... I am just being honest. I adore her but I think sex is one of the biggest problems in any relationship. If you're not satisfied, you go looking elsewhere. Not everyone does, but many do and many we don't even hear about. I don't want to have to think about going anywhere else because I don't want those thoughts because I want the person I'm with to be the best I've ever had. I'm sorry this is tough for people. It would be so great if women had that ability to try boys and quit like guys do with girls. No, they get fixated and won't say it's not working.

I think she's an amazing friend and she really is one of my favorite people in this world, but if I'm not totally satisfied, I fear it will just escalate over time into me looking somewhere else. She likes this soft, sweet lovemaking. I like rough sex. Plain and simple. She likes to cuddle. I like to get on and get off.

Don't perceive me as some insensitive guy. I know plenty of women who don't like to cuddle either. It's just different strokes for different strokes but bedroom activity is not something I take lightly in a relationship because I like it so much.

And she's right. I don't have anyone in mind. But stopping it now instead of later could hopefully salvage our friendship then I'm all for it. If she was just some other girl, I wouldn't even waste the time explaining my side.
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