Her And The Facebook Spy Machine

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Side 1 says... I'm very uncomfortable with my wife being on facebook. She uploads photos and writes status updates and chats with her friends. She has Facebook for android. They are tracking her and I don't like it. I've always had my doubts about what they they track but I read a story recently on Mashable where they monitor for criminal activity. That means they're really just reading all your information and everything you put on that site. It's scary.

She doesn't understand. All she really has to do is joke about something sinister and she's on a government watchlist. She'll be labeled a domestic terrorist just for playing. Her phone is being tracked everywhere she goes so they know her location. She stays logged in and now they know every site she visits. Plus it keeps her from being productive and I feel she's getting lazier by being on there all day.

This is too much control and information for a company to know about people. It's big brother without the .gov. I know it won't be a popular opinion because it seems people had to join the bandwagon and now everyone has a facebook account. I just think she should quit. I don't want myself implicated and we all know I'm in the photos she adds. Facial recognition isn't a friend.
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Side 2 says... He acts like facebook is the only one recording everything we do. Google reads everyone's email, knows what everyone searches for, and also knows where everyone is (he also has an Android phone). Twitter has data to find people as well and they turn over information to the police. Just a few days ago some hackers used picture information from the file (???) to find out where the picture was taken and the time to get a Burger King employee fired. Somebody is always watching. It's not just facebook.

The only thing anyone can do is either accept that it's going to happen and limit what you do or stay completely off the internet. I love the internet. I love crafting and cooking and shopping and finding new things on Pinterest. It's better than TV.

And to say I'm lazier for being on Facebook is ridiculous. At least I'm doing some reading and playing a game that requires some ability to think not just sitting there mindlessly watching baseball.
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