Eating In The Living Room & Parental Controls

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Side 1 says... I had rules when I was younger and apparently it's not the same in every house but one of our rules was we had to eat at the dinner table. Not only does it help with family conversation, it helped me keep up with what my dad was doing, what my mom did that day, and even my older sister's dating and being a whore.

However, my wife's parents apparently didn't feel the need to do this with her and her brother. And now my kids want to eat in front of the tv and she is letting them even though it pisses me off.

I work all day and I don't see my kids that much. To get them to sit down for 15 minutes and eat and hear about what is going on in their lives is important to me and I would love it if she supported me in this. But she's determined to make them happy. So f*ck me, right?

Wrong. I went and got parental controls on the DVR and not only does the thing not work during specific times, I didn't give the password to my wife. She's mad but she's not gonna break me with threatening a sexless marriage. I want my family at the dinner table.
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Side 2 says... I understand where he is coming from but I have to watch them all day during the summer. Keeping them calm while they eat and watch their shows is a godsend. It's keeping them in the same routine they are in while in school during the year where they come home and decompress with TV while eating and then they go do their homework. This is without their homework.

My husband goes to all their extra curricular activities so he's not not seeing them. Plus they're kids - they're only in 6th and 4th grade so they aren't really calm to begin with. The problem is when we make them sit at the table, they choose to eat 3 bites and say they're done so they can go watch TV. If I let them watch TV while they eat, they eat everything on their plates. I think it's a whole better set up letting them watch it for many reasons especially if I don't have to force and argue with them to eat everyday because that gets old.

He doesn't understand because though he complains he doesn't see enough of our kids he doesn't know what it's like to see as much of them as I do. I adore my kids but like I said - that time in front of the TV is my quiet time and I treasure it.
Added by SunDiva (female)
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