I Will Still Go To Chic-fil-a

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Side 1 says... My wife is extremely sensitive about gay people. She think's it's unfair how they're treated. I don't see them treated differently anymore. What I see are a bunch of people now pushing an agenda. People saying we've come this far how far can we push it. Chic-fil-a has always been a Christian-type business. It's always been why the've been closed on Sundays. They believe in the family unit. They still serve all gay poople coming to their stores. Sorry but I don't their beliefs should be limiting my food intake. It's delicious.
Added by sampson (male)
Side 2 says... We should take a stand against this! It's not right that they fund hate towards gay people. They donate money to groups like this and it's the donation to these groups I am protesting against. They can be bigots all they want but they go to far by giving money to hate.

I won't support them like I won't support KFC because of their treatment to the animals. There's reasons I do it and I'm entitled to it. I don't can if they are delicious - I have standards of people I relate with and businesses I choose to spend my money with. Chic-fil-a and KFC aren't those.
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