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Side 1 says... My girlfriend is smoking hot. She looks just like amber heard but with an even better body and bigger lips. My problem is her style. I hate saying it but it almost is embarrassing when we go places. She has 80s hair and 80s makeup. She is like the old walmart lady or your grandma that wears big blu eye makeup. And her hair is permed. She is aware of this and thinks she's being trendy. She wants to start a style. She thinks that she has the popularity to do it but she just is looking dumb. It's not coming back and nobody including her is bringing it back.
Added by rodeoman (male)
Side 2 says... Anyone can start a trend and I think the 80s style can be cool again. I don't have to be like everyone else. The 70s came back in a big way. Every style comes back in style. It's only a matter of time until the 80s are back. I can say I did it first.

It really shouldn't be that big of a deal to you what I wear or how I do my makeup. If you love me, you should love me for me.
Added by blondiechick (female)
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