Just One More For An Even Half Dozen

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Side 1 says... My wife would like to have another boy. Right now we have 5 kids - 2 boys and 3 girls. She wants an even count.

We aren't a rich family but we don't hurt with money. A 6th kid would put a damper on our style of living but I don't think she realizes it. All our kids are at least toddlers and 3 are in school so we can afford a part-time babysitter and daycare for the younger ones. Adding in a baby though now is a whole different element. It's a lot of work she's not thinking about.

I obviously love kids but I think 5 is plenty. I think I don't want another one enough that I'll begin resenting her if we did. So I scheduled a vasectomy and she was furious because I didn't discuss doing it with her. She wants me to cancel it and discuss another baby.

I'm worried on what I should do because she's persuasive and I don't want to give in because I love her and this would ensure us not having another. But the overall point is we shouldn't have a baby because we're both not on board.
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Side 2 says... I've always wanted a big family with a lot of kids and he's known that since we were dating. I see us sacrificing sleep. I see us sacrificing a meal out here and there and cancelling plans because we couldn't find a babysitter last notice. I see us prolonging retirement a few more years.

We've been through this argument before after the second and the last 3. He's always apprehensive about having more. But he loves each of them equally as much after we have them. He's a worrier and always has been.

I've always wanted 3 and 3. There's a nice balance and it'll be good for the kids to have another sibling.

I am 100% against a vasectomy. It's unneeded and he shouldn't have to go through it. But if it will make him feel better we can talk about it but I don't think he should make this decision alone. I know it's his body but it affects both of us.

I'm going to keep asking for another baby and hopefully he'll come around. I know he will. He's more smitten with them than I am when they're finally here!
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