Hubby Caught Red-Handed!

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Side 1 says... I caught my husband browsing a gallery of a single woman half his age. She looked to be around 24. She is the nightmare girl. She's the girl woman are afraid of. But it's not a bunch of girls. It's just her. So I made him move away from the computer and I checked his history. He's viewed her page 10 times this WEEK! Once before work while I'm still sleeping and sometimes at night usually when I'm out.

This isn't what I signed up for. I don't think it's ok for him to be fantisizing about another girl like this. I may actually be ok if there was more than one girl but this is a fixation. That just seems like trouble.

He thinks it's ok and it's what guys do. They fantisize. But then they act and that's why there's cheating. So I think he needs to stay away from the internet for awhile.
Added by Rugger (female)
Side 2 says... I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I look at some pictures on the internet and it's considered cheating. It's no different than my wife on Pinterest all day drooling over her recipe porn. I'm not going to act on anything. I like my money and I don't want to give up half of it over some little girl who looks good in a pair of boy shorts.

But I do need freedom to look. Fantasy is a good thing. The thing she doesn't realize is the best sex we have is when I've fantasized. And it's about her. But the thing is the pictures get me going. I still fantasize about my wife and it gets me hot. But it's like an old car. Takes a few turns of the key to get me going. Sometimes pictures fix my starter.

I understand it's one girl but I do like a certain type. My wife knows full well of this as I've told her. And this one girl fits the bill. It's ok though. According to the site she's a lesbian so not really a threat, right?

So again. if fantasy is wrong, then she better stop watching movies.
Added by olddognewtrick (male)
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