Never Go To A Pow Wow

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Side 1 says... This story might seem messed up, but it is true.

Me and my girl friend Mable were at a pow wow. It was my first time at one of those things, and it was a good time. People were dressedd up and dancing and we wanted to dance too. We did a dance that had the males pick two females to dance with. SOme guy took Mable so I picked two girls and was dancing. Well, I guess one of them liked the way I was dancing and she was getting all flirty with me. I ignored it for the next few dances, thn we did a dance where a girl picks a boy....she picked me and Mable went with some other guy. As we were dancing she kept touching me and wispering in my ear. I looked around to see if Mable was watching and she wasn't so me and this girl snuck away to her tent. Once we got inside she was very forward with me, but I got sick to my stomach cause I knew it was wrong and nothing happened, I am serious I walked out of there and left with Mable. Now she is ma cause she thinks we did something in the tent.....she is doesn't know that I couldn't bee with the pow wow girl, and I love Mable. But now she won't believe me.
Added by DoubleDuece (male)
Side 2 says... I am not a jealous girlfriend. The reason I don't need to be. I don't have relationships with a person I can't trust which is why I love Dwayne so much. He was the most loyal and trustworthy guy I'd ever been with and I thought it would stay like this forever.

So imagine my surprise when this LITTLE GIRL starts batting her big eyes at him and he completely falls for it. I saw her attempts at flirting and was fine with it. After all, it kind of turns me on to think that other girls want my boyfriend.

So imagine my surprise when he disappears with that little girl and then comes back like a pathetic little dog with his tail between his legs. I don't care if that bastard did anything in that tent or not. The fact that he went that far when I was RIGHT THERE makes me feel as though I can't trust him anymore. Who knows what he'll do when I'm not there? I've been cheated on in the past and I won't stand for it again. I'm sad that it had to end this way but I don't see how I can ever trust him again.
Added by Mable (female)
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