Too Much Lipstick

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Side 1 says... When Kellie leaves the house, she always has to wear the dark red lipstick like Marilyn Monroe. All the time. But it's caked on there and looks clumpy to me. My point is she doens't look like MM and all it does is make her look trashy and maybe that's just me but girls who don't know how to put on makeup look more like hookers than hookers. I've told her 1000 times she looks amaxing without lipstick or even just a glossy kind. She insists on putting that stuff on and says she feels naked without it. Plus I hate the taste so I don't want to kiss her with it on and especially in public because she always gets it on my lips and usually on my shirt. And she gets mad about me saying something.
Added by jonsey23 (male)
Side 2 says... Lipstick = classy. It used to be a classy thing to wear lipstick like the hollywood actresses. I loved the way Kate Beckinsale looked in Pearl Harbor and I thought it was so classy. I am a vintage girl and I like that old Hollywood look. I don't care if I'm not as pretty as Marilyn.

I do get offended by Jason because if I try to kiss him when we around friends he will turn his head or get up off the couch. It makes me look bad and it makes our friends think he doesn't relly love me so I do get mad. I'm sorry if it's a crime to show some love in public. And he is totally exaggerating when he talks abotu me getting lipstick on his collar. I did one time and now he brings it up all the time. That was 6 months ago.

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong and he should be getting used to it by now. It's his problem. Not mine.
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