Will It Fly?

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Side 1 says... My buddy and I keep arguing about about this stupid riddle that we read on the internet. It goes like this...

There is a plane sitting on a conveyor belt. As the plane attempts to accelerates, the conveyor belt matches the speed of the wheels going in the opposite direction. Will the plane take off?

I argue that it wouldn't. Anyone smarter than a caveman could tell that if the conveyor belt is moving in the opposite direction that the plane won't be moving forward and without moving forward you won't have wind moving over the wings and without wind over the wings it won't fly. Simple science!
Added by Oktavius (male)
Side 2 says... Any retard monkey knows that it will fly! The thrust of the aircraft acts on the air, not the treadmill. The treadmill's motion will have minimal affect on the aircraft due to the free moving rotation of the wheels. There will be some kinetic friction but it will be insignificant due to the common use of bearings in the wheel hubs. The thrust from the aircraft will still work on the air which isn't moving backwards. The aircraft will move forward and gain lift from the air moving over the wings. The only odd thing happening is that the wheels would be moving at a higher rotational speeds and that someone stuck an aircraft on a huge treadmill. IT WILL FLY!
Added by Caveman (male)
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