Archie Bunker Is Not For Kids

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Side 1 says... This weekend my brother-in-law bought my husband a few seasons of the show "All In The Family." It was a popular show in the 70s but it is highly offensive, racist, and demeaning to women. My parents didn't permit me to watch such filth and I never wanted to anyway. My husband's family weren't strict so him and his brother watched reruns religiously when they were pre-teens.

He loved his gift and I'm happy he did. What I'm not happy about is they decided to open and watch it while allowing our kids of the same age to watch it with them. In fact, they encouraged it! I told them I was upset about it, got mad, and took the kids to get some ice cream. When I got back my brother-in-law had gone and my husband and I fought just like Archie and his wife. It's like he's regressed into a chauvinistic imbecile thinking he's always right and I don't know what's best for my kids.

I can't have my kids going to school and getting in trouble for parroting what they see in those shows. Things done on those could get gets suspended nowadays. And my husband just doesn't see this or that kids that age are very influential and will copy what they see (especially if they know it's wrong).
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Side 2 says... There is nothing wrong with Archie. He's an American hero. It's a show where people could relate to the world for what it is. It was the most popular show on TV for a reason.

It's a classic and for that reason alone it should be watched by kids. What is the difference between it and those other shows they watch? Every one of them that's not on disney or nickelodeon always talk about sex or drinking or some kinds of violence. What I find offensive is how popular Sponge Bob is and how many parents let their kids watch that garbage.

I watched Archie and I turned out fine. I don't act like him because if I did you wouldn't have married me and you definitely wouldn't still be with me. If you don't think highly enough of our kids to make the right choice and not be n Archie, then that's on you but Archie is entertaining and the kids shouldn't be neglected because you want to be overbearing.
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