Women Should Be Able To Express Their Sexuality

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Side 1 says... Females are frequently judged and shunned from society if they act openly sexual. It is unfair that I should be labeled a slut and judged if I want to have fun, flirt, dance wildly, and have sex with single men if I so chose. If a female is stealing other peoples boyfriends and cheating it is understandable but to hate and degrade a female for enjoying herself is wrong. Men do the same thing and it is ok but a female is belittled and harassed.
Added by Bentley825 (female)
Side 2 says... Men are judged just as much. Women gossip at every chance they get about how dirty guys are. It's just the perception. How men handle it is a different story.

Promiscuous women should not get a free pass. Ridicule will always be present with things that fall outside the norm. If you're overweight, you're gonna be judged. If you're a black computer scientist, you're gonna be stereotyped if you wear jeans at your knees. You will be labeled a drunk by some holy roller who doesn't drink if you go out every Friday and then the drunk will label you a holy roller.

Things are judged when they don't make the world a better place. Promiscuity doesn't make the world a better place.
Added by jonsey23 (male)
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