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Side 1 says... All my friends have gone through dating and marriage and I'm still stuck dating and I've been doing it the longest. Jimmy and I have been together for 4 years and he's not even talking about making it more. His reasons aren't any good. He doesn't think we need to and we are just in a good place right now. But I want to have kids and I won't have them if I'm not married. He's ok with it and that is worrying me because if he is thinkking like that then he probably will never commit to me! My argument is 4 years is long enough to make a decision if he wants to marry me or not!
Added by lovememore (female)
Side 2 says... We are fine as an unmarried couple. We're still too young to get married. She didn't mention we were 19 when we started dating in college. So we're only 23. We survived a huge ACC school with plenty of opportunity to mess around and we didn't. It's even easier now without any temptations around.

Our friends aren't happy. Maybe they put on their happy faces in front of you and you girls always want to one up each other so you will lie and say you're happy but the truth it at least 2 of the guys are miserable - not because of being married but because they said their wives changed. It's not as fun as when they dated. I don't want that and you have tendencies. Plus I think we should wait at least until we're closer to 30 to have kids and have some of our life before we will be raising kids. None of our friends are having kids yet so it's not like you have to compete with them yet.
Added by lemonhead (male)
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