No Team Left Behind

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Side 1 says... The NFL and Goodell are just wanting to let everyone into the playoffs. Now they want to allow up to 16 teams to become eligible for a playoff berth? It's ridiculous. No sub .500 team should be allowed a chance at the Super Bowl. Why? For money? Of course. But why should that destroy the game. There is no reason a team that can't win half its games in the regular season get the chance to knock off a good team during the playoffs because they had a lucky day. It's garbage, just like Goodell is for the sport.

But I have this argument with my old college friend who grew up in Phoenix and is a Cardinals fan. So naturally he's in favor of it.

It reminds me of the "No Child Left Behind" program which is also ridiculous. Oh I'm sorry you can't win your games, but at least you can say you were on a playoff team this year because everyone gets a trophy! Absolutely repugnant.
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Side 2 says... It's good for the game! If they'd consider using preseason games as regular season games a team that was 7-9 or 8-8 can be now 9-9 or 10-8. That's good enough to be considered. And who doesn't like an underdog win? In NCAAB you have the 13 seeds that are usually garbage teams and EVERYONE loves when they pull an upset over a final four hopeful.

It will make the game more exciting and if the teams that played well in the regular season can't keep it going in the postseason then they shouldn't be there either. Wild cards always play more and to reach the end and beat the best they endure more because they have to play all good teams to get there. They may have not had the best season but they can have the best postseason and beat everyone for the championship (which is all that really matters anyway).
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