Guns In Our House

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Side 1 says... I've been asking my husband to remove all guns from our house for a while now and he's ignored me or we've fought over it but since this latest school shooting, I cna't handle them being in our house any longer. We have children old enough to use them and I don't want them in their hands. I don't even want them going to hunt with their dad. I'm really not ok with it but accept that level.

The semi-automatic guns he has are a different story. Our neighbor bought an uzi a few years ago and ever since my husband saw and used it he wanted one. This year he got it but not an uzi. He got an AR-15 which is even worse I think. And the kids know and they want to shoot it. He hasn't let them and said not until they are 18. But you know kids. I've caught them numerous times trying to get into the gun safe.

I want it gone! I'm scared to have it in the house. The kids don't have any psychological problems but I don't want to ever give them some tool to use if one of their girlfriends cheat on them or they get into a fight.

It's not ok and I'm seeing a grief counselor for it. He doesn't even acknowledge it and thinks it's wrong of me to make him choose me over a gun. I just don't know how to get through to him.
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Side 2 says... She's the one that's out of control and is needing a better counselor. Nothing has changed in our household which should constitute her behavior against my weaponry. This wasn't one of our kids who shot up a school and it's never going to be. She should feel safer that I actually have these guns here because what she doesn't see (and what most people for gun control don't see) are the statistics in the other direction. These shootings in Connecticut and Colorado aren't better but are far less in number than the combined robbery/house killings around the nation every year. More people get killed in their own homes and neighborhoods by thugs and convicts without a fighting chance because they've not armed themselves properly. I pray the day never comes where I have to defend this house against something like that, but if it comes I am ready.

And she never looks in the opposite direction. Yes our kids might get depressed if they're dumped by their girlfriends. But she never thinks about the opposite scenario - if one of them start dating another kid's ex-girlfriend and he comes gunning. THAT happens everyday and far more often than people going on rampages.

I defend my AR-15 like I do my other rifles and handguns because they each can do they same amount of damage. It's the people behind them that cause the damage and I' and my kids are law abiding citizens and we follow all carry laws.

My wife is the unstable one here.
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