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Side 1 says... Everyday my husband thinks because he's bigger he deserves more of our food. Most of the time this is fine since there's so much to go around but more often than not we buy steaks twice a week and he always chooses the bigger one. We don't like leftover reheated steak as much so we don't make extra - we each have our own.

He gets the bigger one. Everytime and always. I think it is atrocious that he thinks I need to lose weight and that's his reason for grabbing the bigger one. Or not to lose weight but to maintain it. He's never equal about it.

I don't think he should get more because he's bigger. I think I should get the bigger steak. He can eat his and any left over from my bigger one I can give to him. He disagrees.
Added by roguer (female)
Side 2 says... This is very simple and dates back to women's lib. She doesn't want it because she's hungry. She only wants it to be equal. She wants ice cream after the steak. I don't. I want more steak. I don't give her the same hassle about the ice cream. She does this with everything. Who's driving what car. Who's spending more time laying around than cleaning up. It's always a competition where she's trying to make absolutely sure everything we do is equal.

Of course she doesn't do yardwork. Go figure.
Added by meathog (male)
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