Flirting With My Brother

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Side 1 says... Admittedly my wife is now flirting with my unmarried brother. He's better looking, makes about $10k more than I do, and has started working out. We had gone to his house for dinner party and he decides to open up the hot tub. Once he took off his shirt my drunk wife made a fool out of herself making comment after comment about how good he looked to the point where everyone ther noticed. then she decides to continue it on facebook by posting comments on his wall and pictures.

I know she was drunk and apologized the next day but then I checked her search history and she's been back all throughout the week to his profile. God knows if they're messaging back and forth. It's not right and she shouldn't be doing this.
Added by roadkiller (male)
Side 2 says... I did make a few comments about his brother because he was always chubby for the longest time and now he has confidence which is a good thing. A little positive feedback is a good thing. I went over the top probably because I was drunk.

It's not like I'm going to cheat with him. My husband got really drunk too and I guess it is because of his psycho jealousness when he drinks he gets paranoid. So I could be talking to an 89 year old gay guy and he'd be worried.

My point is I complimented his brother and I didn't cheat. He only thinks other people were looking because of his jealousy. The fact is everyone there thought the same thing as me - he worked hard to get in shape and they were all impressed and interested asking him how he did it. Nobody had seen him in months and to go from what he was to a hunky guy so fast I wasn't the only one who took notice.

About facebook - I kept going back because his brother told us he started to see someone who was out of town for the party but was gonna post some pictures to his facebook profile and I was curious to see her. That's all.
Added by unrel8able (female)
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