Buying Our Son A Birthday Handgun

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Side 1 says... He went behind my back. We discussed it and he said we agreed on a new laptop (which we did get him) but Lee also bought him a .22 and told him not to tell me about it. Well I still clean his room and he's dumb enough to leave it out so I found it.

He said the reason they went behind my back is because I don't like guns and don't want him to have one. That is true because he's still only 15. He doesn't need to be tempted to take it to school and show off or show it to a friend. His dad wants him to learn how defend himself and to learn to shoot. He already goes deer hunting and bow hunts turkey so I don't see the need for something he can walk around with in his pocket. But the main point is they both lied to me.
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Side 2 says... I went behind her back because she had a fit over it. She is using the news and the recent headlines to make a decision about OUR son. She was ok with it all up to his actual birthday. But then she thought about how that kid could be ours if we allow him to have weapons or give him access to them. That is not the point. Our son isn't crazy and he's demonstrated for years he's capable of having guns around without being an idiot with them. We actually got him the gun as a gift for his birthday and gave it to him. She decided we take it off of him and I said I would return it to the store. I didn't. I gave it back and said keep it quiet.

I think giving it to him and taking it back was wrong - if she felt that way in the beginning we shouldn't have given it in the first place but I refuse to to be persuaded to raise my son based on the actions of someone else's.
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