What To Do About A Bully?

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Side 1 says... My husband and I agreed to talk this out before making up our minds on how to handle it but can't come to a decision because we both want it handled differently.

Our boy is 14 and is being bullied by another 14 year old. They've never fought or anythign but the bully gets other kids to pick on our son too. I want to report it to the school but my husband wants to teach our son to fight and call the bully out and threaten him. I think it's better handled by the school principal and not with the chance of him getting hurt! I don't like his thinking that it will build character and give him confidence. Violence is not an answer. I'm sorry.
Added by troubledmom (female)
Side 2 says... Nate has no confidence and letting this bully get away with picking on him won't help him in life. When I was young we didn't have our parents step in and get the principal for us. I grew up in a rougher school and I've been in plenty of fights and not wanting that for my son we moved and are in a suburb I thought it would never become a problem. But there is always a bully. If we tell the principal that'll protect him in school and just piss off the bully. Then he'll most likely come after Nate before or after school. The best thing he can do is stand up for himself. There's a great chance the bully will back down. If he gets into a fight it's ok. It's not going to be his last in life and I don't want him to become sissified or he'll never go anywhere.

In our family we fight our battles, not get someone else to do it.
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