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Side 1 says... We've been looking into buying a new television and he's having a problem with me wanting only a small tv. Right now our tv is an old 27" that is not a flat screen. Obviously we're getting a flat screen but I want to get no bigger than a 40" tv. It's for our family room/game room and the dimensions are 18' x 15' so it's not a big area at all. He wants a 70" tv!

Not only is it in our budget (it's $1500) but it too big and would tak over the entire room. I am not a huge tv watcher and I will hardly use it. He wants it because he's a huge movie watcher and thinks it will create a theater experience. He even wants to go with stadium seating and have parties all the time designated to entertaining around these movies and the tv.

Don't you think it's too big for a space like that and the money could be spent better?
Added by lovinlife1 (female)
Side 2 says... That's not too big. It's a perfect size for the long wall we have. She's right I am a movie buff and this is something I am going to use all the time. So I think if I'm going to buy soemthing that I'm going to use all the time I should buy what I want. It's an extra $1,000 but it's probably going to keep me from going to the movies (and when I go I go IMAX), buying popcorn at the concession stand, and all kinds of other expenses. And when I go to the movies, she always wants to come (for the night out even though she claims not to like movies) so my expenses are double every time. Over time I am going to save more.

I don't really think it's the cost or the size more than it is she feels I'm going to neglect her by having it and I will pay more attention to the tv than her. I'm sure I'll use it more but I doubt she'll be neglected. It's just an excuse not to get it.
Added by moviebuff (male)
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