Ann Curry Was Not "Tortured" On The Today Show

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Side 1 says... So this book came out about her being picked on by the staff causing her a lot of personal problems on Today. Matt Lauer was even brought up saying he was also picking on her. I can't stand Matt Lauer anyway, but who really cares. He's just a guy that reads cue cards and interviews people. Who the hell is he besides a glorified HR?

My beef with this whole thing though is not about getting picked on. It's about Ann Curry not quitting. Why? Because it's a friggin' cake job! She made millions of dollars. Suck it up. There are sooo many people in the world today who could only dream of having that job. Who cares what "Matt Lauer" or the idiot staff say about you? You have a once in a lifetime hell of a job. You work it one year, save your money, and live on easy street the rest of your life in a place where nobody will make fun of your yellow dress.

I make this argument because my friend thinks it's horrible and she should sue for harassment. I think it's horrible she thinks that. It's not like it's slave labor. It's not like she didn't have the means to quit. That is the business. There are a bunch of true pricks in TV and entertainment and you have to deal with it and have a thick skin to work in it. Obviously Ann does not and so she should not work there. You've made tons of money as a correspondent...there was no need to become an anchor if you couldn't handle the pressure!

And torture? Come on. I'd welcome it, wiping away my tears with $100 bills. :)
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Side 2 says... All I'd like to say is it doesn't matter how big the job is, there is no excuse for that kind of treatment. Period. Sure she didn't have to put up with it but she is brilliant at what she does. It's probably a jealousy. She's literally the Daniel Day-Lewis of the reporting world. I find this to be an example on a high level and I don't want this to be ok because I don't want it to trickle down to people no so fortunate as her.

If Matt Lauer and the staff weren't so preoccupied with her, the Today Show may still be #1 and not playing second fiddle to the crapfest that is Good Morning America.

But my main argument is equality. That's all. Rich or poor none of us should be treated with ridicule and bullied. It's just not right and my heart goes out to Ann for it.
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