He Stinks And It Makes Me Sick

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Side 1 says... When I was pregnant with my first child right after we got married . My husband scent was so bad it mad me sick . I told him numerous times that it made me sick . He made very little efforts to switch cologne and deodorant , so when he would come around I would make a face ( not on purpose ) but out of reaction to his scent. He is still offended to this day about it . Does he have the right even if I told him about it ?
Added by penelopej (female)
Side 2 says... Looking back I could have done a lot more in effort by purchasing many different smell good. I can admit I was immature with my reaction to the looks and what I felt like were hurtful words describing how I smelled so bad comparing my scent to trash like and strong musty tinge. But looking back I could have tried to laugh it off.

My problem was and to this day it is how the message it delivered with a lot of what I felt like extra in facial expressions body language and words to say hey you stink or just ask me to take a shower.

But I say again during the pregnancy I was wrong.
Added by coryj (male)
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