Need For Friends Over Family

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Side 1 says... We've struggled with this a long time and now it's bubbling to the surface. I can't get any good answers out of him as to why he's more into hanging out with his buddies than he is with his wife and daughters. We love him around and he wants nothing to do with us.

He's always lying saying he is working late or having to handle something, run to Fedex to mail things, having a business dinner...I decided to wait near the end of his day at his work and follow him yesterday. He had told me he had to finish some paperwork because he was taking Monday off and he'd be home later. We were supposed to go to my parents for the weekend at the shore this morning but I was too mad and cancelled. Well it turns out he left a few minutes early from work and I followed him straight to the bar where he met up with a few of his old buddies. He flat out lied to me.

So I asked him about it this morning and he denies it. I went irate on him and got out of the car as we were about to leave. And I told him I followed him to the bar and he was in shock. I asked him why he lied and why he didn't come home to spend time with us because we were supposed to have dinner as a family because our oldest daughter was going to a friend's house and we wouldn't see her all weekend. He said he needed some alone time and we didn't understand that begin the only man in the house he needs time with other guys. And lying about it was easier in the long run.

We don't do this family stuff much anymore and it's not only disrespectful but just upsetting he doesn't see it would upset us.
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Side 2 says... Hello. I love my wife and daughters as much as I ever have. They do not understand that as a man you need to have friends. We never had a son and my girls aren't into any guy things. Those 3 hang out, talk all the time and shop together. They only want me around sometimes and usually it's at their decision.

I admit I have lied about going out instead of staying late to work, but it's a white lie. It hasn't hurt anyone. I was never going out to meet another woman and I never missed any of my daughters' school functions. I'm always there for that stuff. They can cancel whenever they want though. It's a double standard and when it is 3 against 1 I will always lose.

So that's it. It's not my fault she decided to throw away the entire weekend over me going out for an hour after work. I took off Monday specifically for this trip to her parents' place when I'd rather had just stayed home to relax. But I'm not family oriented or anything...
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