God Complex

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Side 1 says... I have been dealing with my boyfriend's incredible need to be right all the time and assume he's better than everyone else. He thinks everyone should take his point of view and he's never open to anybody else's ideas. If it doesn't come from his mouth, he instantly discounts it. We get along ok because I've managed to blow it off but it's embarrassing when we are out with people.

An example is when we went to dinner with a few other couples and one of the other guys brought up learning online is as effective or more effective than going to college. He may be completely wrong but it could have been a discussion, but my boyfriend took control and escalated to the point the other tables in the restaurant were looking at ours. He couldn't concede to the fact that in some cases, people learn better on their own instead of a controlled classroom environment. Not necessarily can't learn but can't learn fundamentals in a way to use what they've learned. People who learn online just steal other people's work and edit it to fit their own needs. Nothing is created like it is in college.

I could go on but I feel he's entirely wrong on how he handled the entire conversation. Whether his viewpoints are right or wrong, he pushes people into his beliefs or discounts their completely. It was so awkward. We are all college-educated people so we all have learned in that setting. So it's not like the friend didn't have any first-hand experience in it. But my boyfriend pressed, citing examples and studies to prove his point. When I tried to interject he'd been tying to prove his points based on other studies he'd found on the internet (the free learning he's trying to disprove as effective), he scoffed at my point and continued on his diatribe.

I want people to make him realize he's wrong and nobody's ever right all the time. And even if he believes he is, not to be socially awkward in trying to prove it because I doubt they will ask us to dinner again.
Added by redswann23 (female)
Side 2 says... I will make no excuses about my methods of informing others on my points of view. I always have well-thought-out arguments and never try to make points where I haven't completely considered every angle.

It's not that I won't say I'm wrong; I won't say I'm wrong if I'm not proven to be wrong. Maybe I am wrong about free learning but he didn't prove it to me during our dinner conversation.

I don't feel like I am socially awkward and admit to taking a discussion by the horns, but I don't escalate by myself. BOTH of us escalated because we both wanted to be right. He began to get louder because he was losing ground. That's all.

I don't have a God complex. That's just ridiculous. I only involve myself in arguments I know I can win because I base them on fact.
Added by welltaught (male)
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