Squeaky Doors In The House

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Side 1 says... There's things guys shouldn't have to do but there's also things they should. Fixing squeaks on doors is one of them. And especially if they are coming in later and waking you up because of it.

I do the cooking and most of the cleaning. He doesn't do any domesticated work in the house. It would make sense for him to go around and lube the door hinges. It would only take a few minutes and if he empathized for me when he wakes me up every night because of it, he would have done it by now. He knows he wakes me up every single night and he apologizes, I tell him to fix the squeaks, he says he will but never does.

This is just a small thing but it's these small things which make me think he doesn't care.
Added by mollyjones (female)
Side 2 says... I've said I would fix it and have fixed plenty of them. The problem is they need to be fixed again. She said it only takes a few minutes. Why instead of waste time complaining about it doesn't she just do it? It's not hard. She's seen me do it and there's a can of WD-40 in the garage. I think these are mainly little tests she does just to find things to complain about. I've always been good in keeping up the exterior of the house. This to me isn't even upkeep. It's not like I'm leaving it up to her to build furniture.

So my point is just do it. Don't waste time writing about it and don't go making me look like a bad husband because of it. I don't go blabbing to everyone every time a dinner doesn't taste good.
Added by captain (male)
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