Stripping To Not Get Evicted

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Side 1 says... Hi. Me and my new hubby just got married after going to school. we met there and eloped in Atlantic City. Now we go to find jobs adn can't find anything. I went to school for art and he went for sociology. I know they are stupid majors now but it's too late now. SOOO we owe and debt collectors are calling. Soon we will be evicted from the apt we rent and it really sucks right now. Jeff is completely in the dumps and it's hard for me to even get him out of his moods to enjoy life at all.

I have a friend from high school who never went to college and she is a stripper who said she could get me a job there. i wouldn't need to pole dance but i would have to serve drinks topless with pasties. I am a confident person because i have been working out alot since i don't have a job and it gets my mind off things and i'm looking better then ever (maybe its cos we live off like zero food half the time). I'd make tips mostly but my friend said they make like $250 a night which is more money than i'd getting working a real job.

I don't want to do it forever and it's just until I can find something better but he doesn't wnat me exposing myself to other guys. He is jealous guy and doesn't like other guys looking at me but we are in a bad spot and our families have donee all they can.

Tell him you have to do what you have to do sometimes and suck it up. Things get better and he has to be positive. He needs to understand those guys won't even remember who I am the next day. It's a good choice right now for us at least until one of us finds a job paying more than minimum wage.
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Side 2 says... It is never a good idea to strip and degrade yourself no matter what situation you are in. I wait tables and make some money but am having trouble picking up shifts. It is exceptionally hard for the rental company to actually throw us out. I pay good faith payments and they seem to be ok with that.

She's never been to a strip club and she thinks it would be easy. She has no idea how aggressive drunk guys get. I have seen plenty get their asses kicked by bouncers because they touch the girls where they aren't supposed to. And it is a disease central. She is bound to pick up something even if she's not doing anything sexual. Then there is the coke and drugs. Plenty of strippers it to do what they do. I don't want her tempted.

That kind of money would be nice but we can get assistance for awhile if we really need it. I would rather us have to say we used EBT to buy groceries than say my wife's boobs paid for our milk. And I'd end up going in to the club and punching any asshat that touched my wife and probably end up in jail for it.

Please tell he no. Please.
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