Too Much Drama And Control?

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Side 1 says... As the husband, I get out of the house maybe 3 times a month. 1 poke night a month and I might hangout with my best friend on a Friday or Saturday evening once or twice a month. We have 2 little kids 2 and 4. No parents nearby to help and our babysitter situation is not good because she is rarely available (working on that).

I had arranged to have this past Saturday evening free for my monthly poker night... 7pm until the game ends, usually around midnight.

During this time I get a bunch of texts on my phone. A photo of my son handing out with a friend. 20 minutes later a photo of my daughter sitting in the bathtub and a little message about how she pooped through her diaper and she got a rash. I saw these texts and continued played poker... for those of you that don't play, it's a game of concentration. I can't be checking my phone all the time and texting.

25 minutes later I get 8 texts, almost all in a row (over a 12 minute window) about how to change the TV input so my wife can put a movie on for the kids. My phone on vibrate, I check and see I am 12 minutes late to the first text. The last text says "Good thing we weren't in the ER".

Extreme drama.

This is a common theme when I am away, travel or out with my friends. Suddenly my wife seems incapable of daily life and is bombarding me with senseless texts that she could easily resolve herself if she wanted to. Blue Ray player not working? Try an on-demand movie. Daughter crapper her pants? Change the diaper.

I get it, managing the 2 kids is tough for a few hours, but you are a big girl, let me enjoy my few times out a month without the nagging and drama.
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Side 2 says... First, let me say that I allow my husband to go out whenever he wants to.

The texts I sent are out of respect. I sent him photos of the kids playing and whenever there is a problem, I update him. I ask that he do the same, that is why I sent the text about our daughter's rash.

The texts about the Blu Ray player turned to frustration because I had been texting him for 28 minutes. My first text must have gotten stuck in the sent cloud, but I did sent it and waited quite awhile with no response back.

He should have his phone readily available in case there is an emergency.

I was able to get the Blu Ray working by getting a neighbor to come over and help, and I resorted to that because the kids were screaming for a movie for 39 minutes and I had to do something.

When my husband came home from poker, he argued with me about what I said and called me an idiot for asking for help. When it reverts to name calling, that is over the line.
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