My Boyfriend Is Jealous Of My Guyfriend

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Side 1 says... My LDR boyfriend and I have been together for two years. He moved to Florida only a few months into our relationship and I live in Central America. Recently he has been starting to have "issues" with my relationship with one of my guy friends. I have known the guy ( I will refer to him as Bill) since I started Junior college and we had become really close. I graduated two weeks ago but while I was still attending the school, Bill and I hung out a lot during our breaks between classes particularly because our schedules were in sync and we both had large breaks. My friendship with Bill was never a problem with my boyfriend until a couple weeks ago( ironically, after school was closed ). Actually, he always said that Bill was one of my few friends that he actually liked. ( He knew Bill before me because they went to high school together but they were never really "friends"). Bill and I text and message on face book a lot recently but mainly because school is over and I have graduated (he is still attending) and we don't see each other in person as much as we used to. He has never said anything inappropriate to me or tried to cross the line neither in person or via text. I think my boyfriend is jealous because we text a lot and sometimes I understand where he is coming from. I don't text him every single day because I know that would hurt my boyfriend whom I hardly get to see or talk to but I don't see what is wrong with me communicating with my friend. Also, the week after school closed I went to school to pick up something from a teacher and had nothing to do until my bus was leaving so I texted Bill and asked him what he was doing, he said nothing so we met and hung out for a while. My boyfriend was mad that I was "ignoring" his texts while I was hanging out with Bill. I explained to him that I had messaged him on msn messenger but he was not signed in and I did not have enough credit to send an international text but I did miss call him so he could see I was trying to get him. HE did not reply but I knew he was at work so I figured he was busy and didn't want to bother him. He told me when he saw my missed call he was already angry and thought I had been ignoring his texts. It was a misunderstanding and he eventually got over it and concluded that he was being irrational. He also asks me almost everyday if I texted Bill and what we talk about and how much we text. At first I took it as a joke and I even counted the texts and told him what they were about to show him it was nothing but after a while It started to get annoying. If I show the slightest bit of affection toward Bill he gets upset. I have always been an affectionate person and that was , is and will always be who I am. I understand why he may be a little jealous and I know jealousy sometimes shows that you care but it gets me really mad because I feel he is being a bit irrational. I would completely understand if Bill had done or said something to me that was crossing the line but he hasn't. Bill isn't the first male friend my boyfriend has been jealous of but the others , he has gotten over quickly. I know he gets jealous easily and I try to deal with it but I get frustrated because it makes me feel like he doesn't trust me. What really annoys me is that he seems to get over it quickly but when we have an argument he brings it up or he says things like " you should go to Bill" or "you're better off with Bill". It drives me up the wall and when I get angry he says I don't consider his feelings. I don't like to feel like I'm not trusted especially when I've done nothing to betray his trust,
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Side 2 says... My girlfriend and I are together for a little over two years. We live in two completely different countries since I moved over two years ago and sometimes the long distance can get tough. I know I get jealous easily and her having many male friends doesn't make it better for me. I try to cope with my jealousy but sometimes I let it get the better of me. My girlfriend on the other hand is a free spirit who hardly gets jealous. This lack of jealousy sometimes makes me feel like she doesn't care about our relationship at all. I don't mind that she has male friends , it was something I had to get used to from early in the relationship but she has one friend in particularly that she texts , facebooks and talks to a lot.While he has not done anything "inappropriate" per se, I sense this "Bill" has a crush on my girlfriend. He and his "girlfriend" have recently been in limbo and I know he confides in my girlfriend a lot. I feel like this makes him start to like her in his vulnerable state. I trust my girlfriend and I know she wont do anything to purposely harm our relationship but sometimes she is a bit too affectionate with him. She is always affectionate and that is the way she is but I don't want her to give him the wrong idea. I asked her to cool it down a bit with texting him and she did, I admit but I still don't doubt that Bill likes my girlfriend especially since his own girlfriend ( they have been on and off since they started dating) is treating him like shit. My girlfriend is nice and I think her sweetness may make him fall for her. Though she may not be doing it intentionally, I want her to understand that the guy is vulnerable right now and though she is just being a good friend by listening to his problems, if they communicate a lot they will eventually strengthen their bond and the closer they get, feelings are likely to develop. The main reason I get jealous when she texts and hangs out with him a lot is because I can't get to do the same. we live miles away and the reality is she spends more time with other people than with me. The internet and the phone are all we have to communicate and I would at least want that ONE thing to remain special between us.
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