Fast Food Tipping

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Side 1 says... My wife has begun to tip at fast food restaurants claiming she feels insecure and bad because there is a tip jar right at the counter. I realize they don't make more than minimum wage but I go to eat fast food because it's convenient and cheap and not to tip. Their pay should be built into the food price and they should be paid without having to panhandle when I'm eating off a dollar menu!

We're not rich either. In fact, my wife works at walmart part-time as a cashier. She doesn't get a tip jar but it is the same damn job. I'm tired of having to fight with her because of these places but she seems to think she has no other choice. She's worried they are going to spit in our food if we don't tip. Reality check - if they are the type of person who would spit in food they handle there's a good chance the tip doesn't matter. I just don't want to pay 20% more for a hamburger when I'm not even sitting down to eat it.
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Side 2 says... I work retail and I know how bad it is. I know they don't get paid and have to deal with terrible customers all day long and giving them a small tip makes me feel both good and human. I worry less about an employee spitting in my food when I do tip and the peace of mind is worth the cost.

I sometimes feel my husband looks down on people who work retail and never wants to throw them a bone. We're both educated and he knows I've been looking for a better job for a long time. Not everyone working there is a kid earning extra money to party.

Have a heart, Mike. A couple bucks won't kill us but it might mean the world to them. Put yourself in their shoes or even mine while I work the night shift. It could be you on the other side of the counter one day.
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