Freezer Burned French Fries

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Side 1 says... My husband has decided to make the family eat food we found so old in the freezer it has freezer burn and tastes like it because he is too cheap he won't throw it away! It's so disgusting and the kids sat at dinner crying. I refused to eat it and we ended up fighting over it. Now we're in this big fight over french fries all because he said i wasted money on them. They cost $3. They are generic. We ate half of them and put the rest back for another day and forgot about them. HE IS BEING SO RIDICULOUS!
Added by overlysensitive (female)
Side 2 says... I get mad because it happens all the time. This is just the one that sent me over the edge. She is constantly buying food without eating what we already have. We throw away almost as much as we eat and she doesn't realize how much money we are wasting. She thinks it's trivial.

And I didn't make the kids cry. They're almost teenagers. They were mad but not crying. And the reason they were involved is because my wife never made them finish the food they take. We've always let them fix their own plates but they always throw it away. They're too old for that now.

We aren't taking a vacation this year and this one of the reasons.
Added by redfin88 (male)
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