Mound Of Paperwork

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Side 1 says... My husband recently went to the doctor and they needed paperwork completed before hand. He called 20 minutes before the appointment and asked if I had compeleted it. I do not remember him giving it to me, nor do I think that I should have to complete a grown man's docotr paperwork. On the phone, I simply said that I didn't remember him giving me the paperwork and that they probably didn't need it right was his second appt. He then texts me writing that "yes, they do." I wrote back, "I'm sorry - can you fill it out?" Never heard back. Later he called and complained again and an arguement started. When I got home, I suggested that we not fight about petty things like that but later, he brought it up again...ending up saying that he will NEVER fill out doctor paperwork. I work full time, and yes, he does too...even on the weekend, but I physically pay all of the bills (which is hard to do living paycheck to paycheck) and do everything else; clean the house, do almost all of the laundry (he may put some in the washer but never folds) make every dinner, do all of the shopping, schedule our children's appointments, take them to school functions/parties. He does pick them up from school every day (I can't - I'm at work over an hour away from home - he is self-employed - can make his own hours) and takes them to their after school activities. Other than that, though, when he is home, he is always working in the yard or re-arranging the garage. I just feel like he is making a big deal over one simple thing that I am asking him to do in the future. It's not like he has to do it every day!
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Side 2 says... I had a doctor's appointment about a week before this one and she filled out the paperwork for me then. I don't know most of the information that they ask, like her work address (the insurance is in her name), or her social security number. I told her that I knew that she runs the house. Does she want a medal for it? Also they probably couldn't even read my handwriting.
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