Homemade Bidet Thing Isn't Funny Anymore

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Side 1 says... My husband is obsessive with being clean and every single time he goes to the bathroom he has to shower off his man parts. Every single time. Most of the time he'll never go in public potties because he can't shower afterwards. He's even been caught once walking to the sink across from the toilet stall to wet toilet paper to wipe.

That's all fine but I decided to have fun with it. I came home and told him we needed a bidet but since we couldn't afford to install one, I went and picked up the next best thing - a Super Soaker. He laughed and we tried it. He got in the shower and used soap while I sat there pumping and spraying him down. We both got a good laugh.

Now is when my joke backfired and he got weird with it. The next day he said he liked me hosing him so much he wanted me to do it again. I said it felt good and it worked plus now he thinks it'd be cheaper than him showering it off but the weirdest/disgusting part is he got off on the kink factor. It turned him on for me to hose him down "like a bad boy" as he put it. We are good Christian people!

Of course I said no but he continues to nag me about it and insists it added a spark to our stale relationship (as he put it again). I think he needs to understand *this* is not the way to overcome a stale relationship. It's just weird and a little sick.
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Side 2 says... I'm gonna laugh this off because I think it's funnier she's telling people about this. I don't think it's all that strange. People love all kinds of strange things. I don't think it's kinky at all. It just feels really good. The water gun has a really constant hard stream of water I can't get with the shower head and even the handheld nozzle. It's not the same and I don't feel as clean only using the shower. I have a really hairy body and most of the time it's really difficult to get clean or feel clean. I hate it. When she used the super soker, it was like sandblasting rust off a bolt. I felt new again. And I definitely felt clean. It wasn't a sexual thing. It was how drinking water feels after you run a few miles in 90 degree heat. It's that AHHHHH feeling.

I don't feel comfortable enough for someone else to do it but she was at least comfortable to do it the one time she could do it more often. I would think it's funny. I've done plenty for her through our marriage. I want this to become a thing for me!
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