Need A Deodorant Changing Hubby

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Side 1 says... I just discovered this site and it was perfect timing because I just got into a fight with my husband over his stinky armpits! I don't know what changed because he is not one to smell bad but nowadays he gives off this putrid smell of dead fish. I can't take it. It's worse than the smell kids get when they're running around outside all day.

The problem is he WILL NOT change his deodorant! He's been using the same Degree ever since I've known him. It's always worked but now it's just not strong enough. Plus it's girly. I don't know. I see him using Axe because he's really a man's man wood chopper-bench presser-rugged beard guy. Degree just sounds feminine.

OK I got off topic. He doesn't realize it's gotten worse because I guess he just keeps smelling himself and knows his scent. I've told him repeatedly and he just tells me I'm nuts. He likes the Degree and he like the smell which is why he really wants to stick to it. I need him to change it. He is only thinking of himself here - not everybody around him.

Thanks guys!
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Side 2 says... I don't smell like she says I do. Maybe since she's toned down here own perfume she can smell me more now but I still smell exactly the same as I did before we got married. My deodorant isn't feminine at all. It works and that's why I use it. It smells like soap and soap to me smells clean. It doesn't leave any marks on my shirts and it's not chalky.

It'd be a different story here if I asked her to change her hairspray because it smells so strong. Or her face cream. Or any of the 100 other things she uses. It's like a giant concoction of chemicals waiting to explode into a giant fireball on a hot day. Seriously not until now I wonder if those makeup manufacturers test their products on every other product out in the extreme sun all day. I wonder if my wife is going to spontaneously combust from her hair products.

I deal with the smell of lilac cream mixed with apple hairspray, cherry-flavored lipstick, and some other smell I can't place all the time. It's not pleasant and my eyes water it's that strong. It makes her fell good to wear that stuff just like my degree does for me. If I have to change, then I think you should have to change too.
Added by beardman (male)
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