He Shaved Our Son's Head Without Asking!

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Side 1 says... Our little boy was about to get some pictures taken for a family update and now he has a buzz cut. It's cute but we've been growing his hair for a long time. He just turned 4 and he had hair down to his shoulders. My husband didn't even ask me. He didn't like it and he was always bitching about it. He had no right to cut it off without telling me. I am so mad about this. he's never gonna be this age again and i'm never going to get this picture again.
Added by musclemom (female)
Side 2 says... I cut it because he looked like a little girl. I was tired of him looking like a little girl. He's not a barbie doll and she's here buying hair stuff for him. She puts it in pony tails and braids it like he is a girl.

She has plenty of pictures of him with the long hair. She is only upset because they aren't "professional" photos. We just had professional pictures done for christmas cards. His hair was about the same to me.

I asked him if he feels better with it short and he likes it better.

I saved her some hair for her scrapbook. At least we took video of him getting it whacked.
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