Eating Organic Food

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Side 1 says... I am trying to convince my husband we should be eating organically grown food. Not only does it taste better there are more nutrients for our kids. And they aren't grown with chemicals. His big hang up is because it's more expensive.

I have done tests and he most of the time I make a salad or breakfast for him he can notice a difference but he still doesn't want to switch completely. Especially red meats and chicken though. He almost always can tell a difference.

I think he should give it a complete try and challenge himself to see the benefits of living and being healthy over money.
Added by flowerpower (female)
Side 2 says... I'm not against the meats. You can always tell a difference. It's why back in the day there were butchers. My parents used to go to the last butcher shop in town and buy the fresher meat because it taste better but they also bought it in bulk and it was cheaper than the grocery store food we buy now.

What i'm against is believing companies saying it's free range eggs when it's not. Buying Kashi cereal when they say it's healthy when it's not. Buying bottled spring water that comes from faucets. Just because an egg shell is brown doesn't mean it's free range. And I don't want to pay for the word organic. Buy straight from the farm veggies and meats and I'm fine with paying a little more. Buying from Trader Joes where their prices are sky high and take you all for suckers is stupid. And I won't buy in to it and try keep my wife from buying into it too.
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