Showing People My Bad Photos

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Side 1 says... My husband always shows all our guests the most embarrassing pictures because he thinks it is so funny. It devastates me. I never liked the way I looked in high school and I had glamour shots taken back then and he shows those which is even worse.

I've changed so much to shed who I was and he keeps making relive the worst time of my life. I've never worked harder to get to what I look like now. I moved as far away from home as I could because I felt bullied and ridiculed.

It's all ok now until we have guests and he does this. He just shouldn't be doing this to me.
Added by tvgirl (female)
Side 2 says... It's a great icebreaker! I show my pictures too so she's not alone. It's not as bad as she makes it out. She was a cheerleader and she was stunning back then. She was in style back then. But it's dated to people now and funny. So what?

She was never bullied she just thinks she was. She did have a bad senior year because she had sex pictures passed around school when she got hammered and had sex with a freshman. I don't have those or show those.

Most people I show them to pull out their photos and have theirs posted on facebook. The point is we've all been there and grown out of it. It's the people who haven't grown out that should be devastated. She's doing just fine so she should just embrace it and laugh about it.
Added by MobyJones (male)
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