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Side 1 says... I have always thought it's ok to give our kids their favorite cereal. It is always changiing but it's usually something that has the little colored marshmallows in so I know it's not that healthy or could be healthier. We are fighting over allowing them to eat it because they like it and he is pretty mad about me allowing it. He thinks they should be eating healthier and I shoud be enforcing that this age. I think they should be eating the cereal they like. I don't feed it to them everyday because I have them eat other good cereals like Cheerios so it's really only a treat every few days a week. Too much or should I be listening to him and not give them any treats?
Added by regina (female)
Side 2 says... She shouldn't even tempt them just like she shouldn't be giving them fast food and allowing them to drink mountain dew with it. They're kids and as long as we're still feeding them we shouldn't allow them to create bad habits. It's no wonder kids are fat these days. Cereal as a treat? I'd rather them it toast or eggs or something better than cheerios even. There's too much sugar in everything.

I understand if you withhold everything that one day on their own they can go crazy and try everything they didn't have when they were kids. My niece experienced this and now she's very obese. But there's no need for it more than a few times a week not mixed with other garbage like McDonald's. To have in any one day a bowl of fruit loops and a happy meal with a soft drink is just wrong for any 6 year old to have.
Added by lokifather (male)
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