Interns Are Ruining The Workplace

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Side 1 says... There's a big problem in this nation and it's not the loss of jobs through tech. The issue of interns is even bigger. They'll do a full time worker's position for the cost of a burger flipper and they'll do it well. And why? To get a good recommendation or have a potential job coming out of college.

That sounds good until you understand once the job is done by a college student at that pay scale, it'll never recover. It'll be expected to be a low paying job or it's just now filled by a rotation of interns. The more this happens the more jobs are lost to this part-time help.

It's even worse for the intern because when they graduate looking for this job, they're going to be going after a job they've helped diminish to a minimum wage position and wonder where their college education was helpful in getting a nice entry level salary. Good luck, kiddos.

I've been trying to get this through to my co-worker who is pretty thick when it comes to things like this. This is just insourcing. It's not helping anyone but the bosses who are able to hire cheap or even unpaid free labor to enrich themselves while everyone else suffers.

I don't really fault interns for trying to make their way but honestly a little sabotage isn't gonna hurt anybody. If they're doing it just as good as you, you and your salary are in trouble.
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Side 2 says... I have no idea why he thinks interns are bad for business. They do small menial tasks and it certainly helps. If you're offloading all your work onto them and they're doing your job better than you, that's your fault and you may not be worth your current salary.

For instance, the intern helping me this year just did data entry for me. She made powerpoints and did some research. She's going to be doing more of this and I might give her some other tasks but she's not doing analysis. She may watch me do some things or ask me questions but nothing substantial.

I think it's better for employers if interns accomplish as much as possible so we the employees can focus on growth. It's a little shortsighted to see them as killers of your salary. It's the nature of business though. You'll just have to get better at your job. Interns are hungry and some damn good employees. Stop being lazy.
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