New Vs. Used Car And Not Married

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Side 1 says... I'd love a new car and have been looking but my boyfriend now says if II buy a new car not being rich he's gonna break up with me because it'll show what kind of girl I really am whatever that means. I'm not rich but I pay all my bills and my parents don't give me money. He says I should buy a used car and not to waste all that money on a new car because it won't be worth it once I buy it.

He said he'd never consider marrying me if I buy new. I don't think it shoud be his choice to tell me what I can and can't buy siince we aren't married. So should I be able to buy it or not and is he being to controlling and should we take some time to think about our relationship?
Added by MandyDandy (female)
Side 2 says... I don't think anyone unless they can really afford it should buy a new car. I said buy a newer car not off the lot. That's dumb. I'm not controlling because I think if we ever do get married she'll spend more than we have. She wants it to compete, post it to facebook, and not really just to drive. I don't think she knows enough about cars to make the decision.

She does fine with her own bills but a new car will put her into living paycheck to paycheck and she'll have no cushion. If we get together, it'll be all about me paying for everything and she won't help. II don't have a new car bacause of that. why should she?
Added by 91suckers (male)
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